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Author Archives: Dan Wagstaff


Developing character and good habits

September 14, 2018, Author: Dan Wagstaff

“Habits and Character” Have you ever looked at those people who achieve incredible feats of human strength or endurance and thought to yourself, ‘Wow, they are out of this world? A freak of nature. Blessed with good genetics. Lucky.’ Have you ever been mid-workout and thought to yourself, ‘I can’t do this, I’m not fit […]

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Training with injuries

August 28, 2018, Author: Dan Wagstaff

  I’ve learned a lot about this topic the hard way. And I am still learning more and more each day as I deal with old and new injuries affecting my training, whether they be major, minor or somewhere in between. I grew up playing Rugby League and other related sports and was prone to […]


How important is your recovery routine after a workout?

August 22, 2018, Author: Dan Wagstaff

Recovery from training is something majority of us neglect, but it’s such an important factor we should all consider making it a “must do” after each training session, competition or event. Inadequate recovery is so important, not just for elite athletes, but for the everyday athlete too! A fact a lot of people are unaware […]



August 6, 2018, Author: Dan Wagstaff

Mindset In todays age, mindset is a term that is used loosely, to say the least. It is marketed heavily in the health and fitness industry so I’d like to share some thoughts I have on the topic. This blog has been written to give some clarity, and hopefully some useful information and tools for […]


Finding Your Purpose and Training During Winter

August 3, 2018, Author: Dan Wagstaff

*Finding your purpose and training during winter! We’re all individuals and all have our own things that make us tick. Finding something thats going to keep you driven during winter, to wake up in the cold mornings when its raining or show up after a long day at work can be hard, but not if […]

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The Importance of Testing – A Guide for Athletes and Coaches

August 2, 2018, Author: Dan Wagstaff

The Importance of Testing – A Guide for Athletes and Coaches We’ve all had days where we turn up to the gym and tell ourselves “I’ve had a bit of a rough day, I might just take it easy and not push myself too hard”. It’s a natural part of life to think like that […]

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The Essence of Mind Body Athletic

April 26, 2018, Author: Dan Wagstaff

No scales, no mirrors, no egos. This is something that came to me a while back when I was feeling a little unsure of myself, and the direction I wanted to take Mind Body Athletic. In my experience throughout my career as a coach and personal trainer, I have been involved in various businesses with […]


Fostering a growth mindset

January 9, 2018, Author: Dan Wagstaff

The growth mindset is a term that many people have heard before, but what does is actually mean? All to often, trainers and coaches in the fitness industry come across clients and gym members of varying backgrounds who use terms like, “i’ll never be able to”, “I didn’t have time” or my personal favourite “i’m […]

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Introduction to Mind Body Athletic

January 5, 2018, Author: Dan Wagstaff

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to find out a little bit about Mind Body Athletic, who we are and what we do. To begin with, my name is Dan Wagstaff. I am the director and head coach. Mind Body Athletic was created, with the purpose of delivering a health and fitness […]


My thoughts on New Years health resolutions

January 3, 2018, Author: Dan Wagstaff

As the new year begins, people across Australia, will make a commitment to themselves that 2018 is going to be their fittest and healthiest year yet. They will commit to giving things up, joining a gym, and preparing meals, among various other lifestyle improvements. Now while I believe that you shouldn’t need to wait until […]