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Anthony Sams




I come from a family of four boys, and a sports background, so you could say I can be pretty competitive. I grew up playing as many sports as I could which I still love to do with the the free time I have. I love the outdoors and doing active things which has led me into this career. After years spent studying at Uni, and being in the corporate world, I finally decided to chase my passion, and haven’t looked back since. I love all types of workouts, especially something with a barbell, or an Air Bike (I know, I know, I’m weird like that!).

What do you love about fitness industry
You make life long friendships with people you may have never met before, all sharing a common goal. We are all in this together to help one another, we all remember those days we have to push each other through “those workouts.” Having an opportunity to help people who trust in you for your coaching, advice and friendships, is especially rewarding.

Your favourite experience so far as a coach
Seeing the smiles on a clients face when they achieved something they never thought they could ever do. Hours, weeks and months of hard work always pay off; as a coach, seeing that is what makes this job so special to me. One example was when I set a goal with a client to climb a rope, and at that stage they couldn’t even hold themselves up. That feeling when she climbed up for the first time (and did it twice!) was priceless.

What do you feel you can bring to the community
I cant wait to be involved within this already awesome community. I feel I can provide an energetic environment where people want to come every day, learn, hang with friends and achieve whatever goal they set.

Love my sport, the beach (learning to surf finally!) and love my food (and cooking). I also love training amongst a group of people, so don’t be surprised if I jump in a workout with you, nothing better than joining you in the pain cave for a session! I have an affection for Crunchy Peanut Butter (if you don’t like crunchy PB i’ll have serious questions!).