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Dan Nathan Coach

Being an athlete is a state of mind! It is not bound by age, weight, performance or the place you finish. You are an athlete!

At Mind Body Athletic we believe in unlocking your athletic potential. We strive to cultivate a strong, supportive community where each gym member feels like they belong, can be themselves, and are encouraged to get better.

We work on improving our mindset, improving our daily habits, and we work hard on our performance on the gym floor.

Our programs are carefully thought out and written to be completely scalable for a novice trainer, to a competitive athlete.

We support our members in and out of the gym, we get together socially, we care about each others lives and we have fun.

Mind Body Athletic brings the best out in its members, every single day!
Our Coaches are brothers who have grown up competing in a variety of sports in some form or another, and now bring the knowledge and experience they have gained in doing so, to the members of Mind Body Athletic.


Our Athletic program is our benchmark program. It has been the foundation of our daily schedule since day one and we are proud to say it has delivered results consistently year after year. Athletic is a 60 minute session built around improving movement, mobility, strength and fitness across a broad range of components. This session, if attended regularly, is guaranteed to see you become the strongest, fittest version of yourself. Athletic does not require you to have any existing experience in the gym. Our program allows a complete beginner, to participate next to an advanced trainer.



Athletic Black is a brand new program that has been implemented to provide our members something to aspire to work towards, or to get out of their comfort zone to be challenged even further. This program is similar to Athletic, in that we aim to improve movement, mobility, strength and fitness, however we up the volume or work performed, as well as increase the complexity and intensity of each session. Our coaches are passionate about raising the bar for our members to allow them to discover what they are truly capable of, and Athletic Black is the perfect vehicle for them to do so.


Metcon45 is another brand new program that accommodates members who wish to increase how much conditioning they perform each week. The session is 45 minutes long and will consist of one workout, or multiple workouts ranging in length and difficulty. Each Metcon45 session will be different from the day before and is a fantastic addition to your weekly training schedule.



LiftMBA is purely devoted to weightlifting, predominantly working on the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. During this session, you will work on variants of these movements as well as accessories to improve your technique. This session is not designed to deliver huge volume and intensity, but more to provide an environment when members are able to work on perfecting the art that is Olympic Lifting.


This program is in our weekly schedule purely to improve our members running ability. We aim to use RunMBA to target two different styles of run coaching per week, and also to use the sessions to assist in preparation for running events such as fun runs, half and full marathons as well as adventure races like tough mudder. Our two sessions per week aim to develop different aspects of running. The first session, on a Wednesday evening is usually constructed around sprint intervals, hills and sand hills, and our second session on Saturday mornings is usually a longer slower run. Both of these sessions are completely suitable for all running abilities and fitness levels.



The BoxMBA program is on twice a week and both sessions are designed to have your heart rate up in a fun boxing workout with a partner. These sessions will have you completing boxing and padding intervals for 45-50 minutes, in addition to come bodyweight strength work. Our first session is on Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm and our second session is on Fridays at 9:30am. The Friday session is catered towards mums and bubs.


Our Personal Training programs aim to deliver personalised service. In either a one on one or two on one setting, our PT programs will be designed around the specific needs of the individual. Days, times, exercise selection, goal setting, nutrition and session duration are all built around the individual/s. Although the core of Mind Body Athletic is group training, we truly believe that you can fast track your results through Personal Training and some of our most successful group training members began their time with us on Personal Training programs. We have the option of either 60 minute or 45 minute sessions based on time available in your schedule and affordability.

open gym

Open Gym is available to all of our current Group Training and Personal Training members. Being able to use Open Gym will allow our members to work on any areas that need improving on, such as stretching and mobility, accessory work to assist them during group sessions, or any extra conditioning they may choose to do.

Pricing and Memberships

Joining Fee $199 

Unlimited/Starter Group Training

6 month term: $110/$70 a fortnight

12 month term: $100/$60 a fortnight

*Starter membership limit of 2 group classes per week

Personal Training

1 x 45 minute session a week $90

2 x 45 minute sessions a week $180

3 x 45 minute sessions a week $270

Open Gym

$50 a fortnight

*All memberships can be upgraded or downgraded within the commitment term.
Upon completion of any commitment term, we only require cancellation of 2 weeks should you wish to cease training with us.